Nutria notch update

All the welding is complete, paint on sills blended. All new brakes. Inner arches detailed and painted. NOS rear lenses fitted and a NOS ignition barrel sourced and fitted. Cross drilled Porsche discs. 125/205 firestone wrapped Fuchs. Now just the beam to fit and we’re on the road!


About Si Medlicott

Photography, travel, vintage VW and Porsche

3 responses to “Nutria notch update”

  1. François says :

    Nice job!
    You are not wasting your time!
    Your girlfriend will be happy to drive such a car.
    Mat’split bug is on the VW magazine from June. A picture took on the Volksworld show..

    • simedlicott says :

      Yo Francois, how’re you? cheers dude, she’s very pleased with the notch so far.
      Hopefully on the road for spa.

      Catch you soon


      • François says :

        Yep Si,I’m fine thank you,hope you and yours too.
        Sorry for the late reply… I just see it now…
        Mat’s ex ultraoval is a ragtop now… But i don’t have all the time i want,and need,to work on.
        On your travel to Spa,you have to pass through Tournai. We are waitnig you. Just let we know…

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