A long needed update…

Its been a long time since our last update, behind the scenes we’ve all been busy with projects and prep for the forth coming show season. Along with working away on cars, we’ve also visited Ninove, 800 mile round trip… no problem!

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Stef has had front cover on the latest Hayburner mag- with what is possibly one of the coolest VW mag shoots to date. Along with working on the 912, Stefs vert in now undergoing a little update. I say little… Im talking huge race motor, roll cage and new stance! – http://ace-vw.com/site/

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One project we’ve kept under wraps, is due for its debut next weekend at the Volksworld show. Mark Barrows aka Baz will no doubt soon have the best adventurewagon on the planet! Now, I know most people reading this will already recognise and appreciate the name Evil Ben… well Im really excited to be able to share a few preview images with you.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THIS AT VOLKSWORLD 😉 – http://evilbens.co.uk

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