Ok, I could write for hours about our trip to Ninove. Massive highs… and a couple of lows.

Ill try and be quick.

Starting on Friday we left for the channel tunnel. Crossing at around midday with the aim to be in Brugge with a few hours in the sun. Yep SUN. The weather was phenomenal.

Once in France, everything was running too smoothly, up until Petes bus shit itself. Actually the pulley decided to blow up. So after a couple of attempts to stick it back together with chemical metal, we realised it just wasn’t going to happen. So just as we were about to head off for a local town to look for a welder. Mike had a brain wave. the type 3 engine the 411 was running didn’t “need’ a top pulley. As on a type 3 engine its only turning the dynamo, not a fan like a t1 engine.

That was that sorted and off too Brugge we went. That night got messy- mosh pits, Belgian beer and a street party involving 4000 students. 

The next day at the witkap brewery was brilliant, The night at roxy awesome and the show the next day out of this world. 

The journey home was relatively un eventful, apart from an over zealous UK police officer believing he knew the law on classic cars. He didn’t and swiftly got on his way.

About Si Medlicott

Photography, travel, vintage VW and Porsche

One response to “Ninove…”

  1. Kate ClassicVolks McCarthy Bedward says :

    Great stuff Si, I think everyone had a fantastic weekend. Looking forward to the next one already 🙂

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