Delivery of the ’67 Vert

We had a early start yesterday and a very excited Stef. In fact we left Birmingham that early, the ship bringing the the vert from the US had not even docked in Southampton yet.


Once down at the docks, a quick call into the importers office gave us little hope… “You’re keen, the cars haven’t left the ship yet.. We usually take 24 hours”. Brilliant.

Not to worry tho, after a few phone calls and a friendly chap at the docks, half an hour later the cars were rolling off. Mustangs, corvettes.. all kinds of yank muscle. And then we heard the unmistakable sound of the air-cooled engine…!

Out she rolled for the first time. Good times!! (click the image to play)

The weather couldn’t have been better for the arrival of a cabriolet. Loaded on the trailer asap and on our way back to Brum.

Once home, the obligitory drive in the sun with the roof down…Image

And then less than an hour later, it was stripped. Engine, running gear, brakes, interior out. Ready for its transformation/detail for the volksworld show in 3 weeks time. Bring it on!!




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