A busy start to 2014

Straight into 2014 with a bang! We are really stepping it up this year with a couple of new cars and some changes to some current club cars!
First up, as you know, Si and Matty went and picked Matty’s new ride up from Holland at the end of last year. This awesome OG paint ’51 crotch cooler split beetle is currently getting some resto work and some ultra cool and different details courtesy of Bobby Wilcocks aka Milk & Two (07970 555104).
The car will be debuted at the 2014 VolksWorld show on our DTA club stand. As you can see from the picture below there is a lot of work to be done, this picture was taken today!!
Stef also sold his 67 turbo bug last year. After searching for the right car, he has picked up a L19 Yukon US spec 67 cabriolet. The car arrives from the USA early March. Along with running Aircooled Engineering, Stef will have his hands full to get the car ready for the VolksWorld show at the end of March. Stef is a bit of a Cal look/Race fan but the only thing this car will have in common to the last car is that it will also have a turbo…!
Dave Eadon also reached the pinnacle for his car as it was last year… The car was featured on the cover of the VolksWorld magazine and was also on show in side the 2013 VoWo show along with Si’s ’62 So33 Split Westy… So to make it even better he has decided to take the body off for some detailing and minor resto work. When the car is put back together it will feature some suspension upgrades in the form of a full front and rear air ride kit. The motor will also be getting some attention from Stef, with a small turbo bolted to it for a bit of “overtaking” power…
We are also planning on attending Ninove & Spa Francorchamps again this year, no point having a car (slammed or not) if you’re not going to drive it! For us, Spa is the best show there is, hands down! Hopefully catch you all there later this year or in Ninove for a Beer!


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