The Road trip – Delivery & Collection

Selling his pride and joy was a sad event, but knowing he had something special to replace it with made the job a little easier.

Matty & I drove to Belgium Tuesday night to deliver his oval to Francois in Tournai. The car has gone to a good home where it now lives with 4 other ovals. One of which is a uk rhd rag top. Still in original paint and slammed on fuchs. Matty & I would like to thank the guys for their hospitality.Image


After this we drove Rotterdam where we hooked up with our friend Reinoud Valk, he then drove the landrover with the trailer all the way to the north of The Netherlands where the new ride lived. Nice on Valk, matty really appreciated the rest from driving!

The new ride was even better in the flesh, boxes of spares, original bumpers, spare pre 55 H valence, correct rear lights & not forgetting the awesome patina.




Thanks got to Valk for letting us crash at his and for the awesome night in Rotterdam.

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3 responses to “The Road trip – Delivery & Collection”

  1. François says :

    Hi there,
    I’m the “ultra oval’s new owner”. Glad to have made this deal with Matty and happy for his new “toy”. Hope it will be soon on the road…
    John and Amelie appreciate to meet Matty and Simon and hope we will make some trips to events with the Radikalbugzs’friends next year…
    Now the ultramaroon sits on AMerican Eagle wide 5 Fush style but will have to wait before i would give her all i have in my mind…
    See you next year!
    Regards from Belgium.

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