Pete’s Bus

As many people know. Our mate and dta member Pete Townley’s bus had a horrendous fire during our drive back from Bug Jam. Pete and James both escaped un harmed.

In Petes words


“Hi everyone, thanks for all the messages and support everyone has shown.
Until I get the bus back and have a proper look at it I don’t know what caused the fire. 
Somehow some of the fuel escaped from the tank and got on the the engine. All I remember was that we where going down the A45 just before the junction with the M1 and there was quite a steep down hill part and just after going down that I could smell fuel. Next thing I know I loose all power, no response from the engine at all. So I start pull over to the slow lane, stop and try turning it over. I could see the smoke starting to pour from the vents and that’s when I knew something was seriously wrong. Got out with my friend James to see that the underside was now alight!! Thankfully I was not alone as my mate Dave was following and had pulled over and was already on the phone to the fire brigade. We tried to put it out with a small fire extinguisher but it didn’t really do much.
I this point all I knew was we had to get back quick.




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The worst part was having to stand there and watch something that you’ve put so much time into burn and know that there’s nothing you can do – it was horrible.

The fire brigade we quick to respond and where there in a couple of minuets and had it under control but it was to late, the damage was already done. 

All of the DTA guys which we where convoying with had turned around and come back by this point and this the fire now out we got a chance to see how bad it was.
It was really bad, the interior is gutted, all the original headliner door cards and dash where toast. The carb was melted and all the wiring stripped of its plastic coating. As for the bottom end of the engine and gear box, I’m hopping they’ve survived to some extent.

I should be getting it back tomorrow when we can asses the damage better.

Untill then I’de like to thank all of the DTA guys especially Dave Eadon who called the fire brigade and the couple the bug who pulled up and lent us there fire exhauster.(sorry I didn’t catch you names)

As long as there are no major issues I am determined to get this bus up and running gain as soon as possible, hopefully for Action so keep your eyes pealed for it!!!!!!

Will also hopefully be doing a rebuild thread on here

Pete X”


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One response to “Pete’s Bus”

  1. Jon says :

    So gutted for you Pete. The guys who pulled up in the bug who gave you another fire extinguisher posted on VZi about the fire. So if you wanna thank them thats where you can find them. Good luck with the rebuild. I’ll be watching this blog for updates. All the best, Jon.

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