DTA End Of Season Meet 2014 – Video!

I can’t begin to put into words how much of a high we are all on after Sundays meet. So.. I will not even try

Enjoy this awesome video from Dan du Cros and get a feel for what went down…

Pete, myself and the rest of DTA would like to thank you all for your on going support


Trophy fever

Check out the awesome trophies so far. We still have many more to come including the coveted ‘peoples choice’, which this year is being created down at Evil Bens.

GFK Choice


Seaside Neils Best patina


Airvalley speed shop choice



The Birmingham half marathon is also on the 19th. Please be aware of the map below, there are road closures in place and this route avoids them.

Although we have this route, Birmingham will be busy and street parking will be tight. Doors for the meet open at 11.30 but indoor parking is limited!

Route link

map 1460214_10154619588135570_5970562249708498663_n

Patina Porsche 912

Stefs ’68 912 finally arrived from the USA on Friday.

The Paint is even better than any of us expected! Awesome.

481323_10154599121395570_5594239667065011082_n 10363116_10152485844702830_2245445750958428514_n 10527850_10152485691177830_8967502818673345001_n 10689753_699420800140458_1949611771267399370_n

DTA car arrives in Japan!

Some of you may have noticed Mattys bug has been off the radar for a little while. Well the reason being is its now in Japan.
We’re really happy that Ryo Choya if stoked with his new car. And we cant wait for their car to arrive in exchange in around 2-3 weeks!
10629791_646185058822637_2669318174990773333_n 10649605_645951065512703_4172157633156181547_n 10672265_646174185490391_4428156128571155274_n 10703742_646184288822714_2849607624752186997_n

Pete and his new 1500s

Petes new notch! Swedish 1964 1500S, Original paint, 55000 original KM. 2 owner incredible car.

1544342_10154547296415570_4685043516554092470_n 1966349_10154547296290570_4881635793601462041_o 10009283_10154547296330570_724368005913282817_n 10268576_10154547297440570_6715296479780527994_n 10421159_10154547297405570_3029259657332377228_n 10448719_10154547296810570_1132809249129980369_o 10551734_10154547297015570_2037103273381828993_o 10556385_10154547296655570_6481009243801136462_n 10560284_10154547297410570_6660978767388024833_o 10603240_10154547296755570_2343737492982968536_n 10615607_10154547296180570_1332135191089398562_n 10628493_10154547296035570_5861176849705993746_n 10632795_10154547297125570_6881938358625325741_n 10647212_10154547296745570_9064188439506594974_n 10683555_10154547296145570_2488649991754327176_o


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