Another Project

For some time now Si has been watching the forums in search of a new project for his girlfriend Jess.

Last week by chance a post popped up on the DTA facebook page asking for advice on registering a car into the Uk with a picture of a type 3 attached..

Immediately Si got onto it with the intention of buying it. The car in question was a one owner 1964 original nutria paint notchback.

 After a few emails followed by phone calls, our friend Reinoud from was on his way to view the car.

After this Jess, Si, Stefan & Pete set about arranging a collection date. The car was in the east of the Netherlands, not far from the German border.

On collection it was clear to see this faded, dirty, forgotten car had lots of potential. Monday, the day after returning, Si, Pete & Jess set about cleaning 30 years of grime from the car. And then gathered enough courage to mop the whole car. As you can see from the pictures the original paint has come up alright.ImageImageImageImageImage

Volksworld show 2014

This year volksworld contacted ourselves asking if we would like a club stand, rather than the other way around like on previous years.

Of course we said yes and before long I had a phone call from Ivan telling me “step up sunshine, you boys are on the red brick…!”

After a few emails from Scotty at cool flo, he confirmed we’d be on the coveted “Red brick”. A prestigious area to park around the parade arena.

Well, with that in mind all systems were go, Stefans vert and Mattys ’52 in reality were never going to miss the show. They were a must!

On the Friday morning we met up with RSVP for the annual cruise down. I think this year was better than ever!

The whole weekend was epic. The sun shone, our dutch mates ( came over and the beers were flowing.

And to top it all off Stefan won a volksworld trophy for cars outside. All in all a awesome weekend.

Thanks to Volksworld and Coolflo for getting us such a great Location!




Late nights on the ’51

Bobby aka Milk and two has been busting his balls on Mattys split. its going to be one very cool car.
But will it make it to volksworld….. Pictures from today!


Late nights on the '51

Progress on the ’67 vert

Stef has been pulling some seriously long hours getting his cabriolet ready for the volksworld show.

Last night he finished all the welding, and painting. Now onto a detailed running gear.



Ok, I could write for hours about our trip to Ninove. Massive highs… and a couple of lows.

Ill try and be quick.

Starting on Friday we left for the channel tunnel. Crossing at around midday with the aim to be in Brugge with a few hours in the sun. Yep SUN. The weather was phenomenal.

Once in France, everything was running too smoothly, up until Petes bus shit itself. Actually the pulley decided to blow up. So after a couple of attempts to stick it back together with chemical metal, we realised it just wasn’t going to happen. So just as we were about to head off for a local town to look for a welder. Mike had a brain wave. the type 3 engine the 411 was running didn’t “need’ a top pulley. As on a type 3 engine its only turning the dynamo, not a fan like a t1 engine.

That was that sorted and off too Brugge we went. That night got messy- mosh pits, Belgian beer and a street party involving 4000 students. 

The next day at the witkap brewery was brilliant, The night at roxy awesome and the show the next day out of this world. 

The journey home was relatively un eventful, apart from an over zealous UK police officer believing he knew the law on classic cars. He didn’t and swiftly got on his way.

Get it booked! VIVA SKEG VEGAS

Not only is this the best camping show in the UK, its also run by awesome people.

This year DTA have been asked to bring a bit of Birmingham in the form of the famous DTA limbo.

Got a slammed car… Bring it on!!


A quick update on Mattys ’51. Stance decided on and rolling!!



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