Viva Skeg Vegas!

Skeg Vegas VW show in Lincolnshire has for a long time now been highly regarded as one of the best camping shows in the UK. This year that all changed. It’s no longer one of the best shows, it is THE best camping show in the UK. 

The quality of cars at the show was seriously comparable if not better than Volksworld (minus the shiny cars). It seems everyone who knows their air-cooled cars now attends this must do event.

And to top it all off for us, Toby of Skeg fame invested us to put on our DTA car limbo. It was a great success, and thank you to all that took part.

Enjoy the pictures, and watch their site for confirmation of next years event.

Congratulations Toby, Sally, Vic, Ned & all the crew.

Limbo pics: Dan du Cros


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Pete Townley’s “Fire Bay”

Pj Gibbons has produced an outstanding video volks on the fire bay.

Watch and enjoy. Pete we’re proud of you!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 16.36.44



Bug Jam 2014

Bug jam is always a talking point, be it a negative or positive opinion- there is not denying the impact this legendary show has had on the UK scene. As with any show, with good company, weather & Beer it will be awesome. And this was no exception. A couple of our friends came all the way from The netherlands to join us too.












DTA end of season meet 2014

So we’re very excited to announce we have set the date for our end of season meet.

19th October! Get it in the diaries.

Due to the size of the event last year, this year we have an awesome new venue- we will announce this a little closer to the date. BUT it will be in Birmingham, and it will remain in an urban location!

We’re also really stoked to announce Aircooled apparel have produced a collaboration T shirt with ourselves. With the profits of sales helping to cover costs of the meet while it remains free for attendees!

Fet over to   and order one now!

DTA t shirt

Shows we will be attending

Now we are in the heart of the show season I thought I would put together a short list of shows we will be attending 100%


Aircooled 14 – A new show this year run by awesome folks and promising to be a epic weekend. 



Bug Jam – Hopefully a few of our Dutch mates from bugpeople will be joining us this year.




Le bug show aka SPA – Our personal favourite. We can’t wait, see you there!


Viva skeg vegas – The one and only, an absolute must UK show. And this year we will be running the DTA limbo.



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